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3D Printer

Napier Library has a 3D printer available for your print job!

Want to give 3D printing a try? As well as holding regular kids 3D printing workshops in the school holidays, we are also able to use our printer to print objects for you. Simply submit the form below:  

Our 3D Printer IMG 20160128 150029

The Library uses an Ultimaker 2+ printer. 

Build volume (Maximum print size)

  • 223(w) x 223(d) x 205(h) mm

Printing Material

The Library prints using PLA plastic filament, which is biodegradable and non-toxic, though NOT food-safe.


Cleanup and assembly of multi-part models is left to you. Superglue, contact adhesive, or epoxy can be used to join printed parts together. If you would like a smoother finish than a model straight off the printer, we recommend a filler-primer that can be sanded or a brush-on resin coating such as XTC-3D before painting.


0.30 per gram (minimum $2.00)

The weight of any support material required to print your model is included in the final price.

School classroom pricing available, please contact us.

Print files - Creating vs. Downloading

Getting started with 3D modelling is easy! We recommend starting with Tinkercad, a free cloud-based design program. Tutorials are built-in and many walk-throughs are available:

For intermediate to advanced users, we recommend software such as Autodesk Fusion 360, which is free for home hobbyists and offers a wide range of modelling tools.

If all you want to do is find something interesting to print or check if someone has already created exactly what you are looking for, we recommend checking out the models on some of these sites:

Some important printing notes

Sometimes prints fail

It could be a problem with the model file, the printer or the filament. We will do our best to print your model and work with you to get it done. However, we cannot guarantee all print jobs will be successful.

No weapons

If you have a specific prop in mind, such as a futuristic ray-gun for cosplay or an historic display piece, please talk to us before submitting your job.

We do not print replica real-life weapons such as guns or knives, or any real weapon parts such as receivers.

Safety Note

The filament we use is not high-strength and we do NOT recommend using objects made on our printer anywhere they may cause a safety concern (car parts, etc.)

Large or complicated print jobs

This printer is here to help you get started with desktop digital fabrication and is not a mass-production unit and we are librarians, not 3D printing techno-wizzes. If you require large or complicated jobs such as replicating many parts (or entire chess sets) we suggest looking at online print services such as

Enter your job below in STL or OBJ format (.stl or .obj)

Submitting a Print Job


Follow this link if the form fails to load. online form.

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