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Restorative Justice Collection

Napier Libraries holds the collection of Restorative Justice items known as the John Robson Collection.  Restorative justice promotes the use of community based solutions to criminal cases.  It is a response to crime that focuses on restoring the loses suffered by victims, holding offenders accountable for the harm they have caused, and building peace within communities.  The Robson Collection prospectus is available here.

John Robson and The Napier Pilot City Trust

As the secretary for Justice, Dr John Lochiel Robson, CBE (1909-1993) was responsible for the abolition of the death penalty in 1962.  While chairman of the New Zealand Social Development Council, Dr Robson advised the government to establish a 'pilot city' in New Zealand, and suggested Napier would be a good candidate.  The pilot city concept encourages communities to solve problems and prevent conflict.

Napier was designated a 'pilot city' in 1986 with a government mandate to look for a community minded approach towards problem solving.  The Napier Pilot City Trust | Tō Mātou Taiwhenua Kōkiri o Mataruahau, was established in 1983.  The trust has used this mandate to promote the use and understanding of restorative justice in the community.

Through sharing the values and vision of Dr Robson, the Napier Pilot City Trust has formed a close association with the John Robson Collection and has added significantly to the promotion and awareness of restorative justice in the community.  Their motto: Napier Develops Communities not Prisons.

Restorative justice papers

The following papers on restorative justice are also available through Napier Libraries:

Judge S A Thorburn - a paper for the International Symposium on Latest Developments in International Criminal Justice Reform, Shenzhen City (2005):

Dr Guillermo Kerber - paper published in the Ecumenical Review (2003).  Courtesy of Dr Kerber and The Ecumenical Review:

You may also be interested in the Judge McElrea Collection.

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