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Library Fees & Charges

Library Services Fees and Charges approved for 1 July 2021 to 30 June 2022.

All fees and charges are inclusive of GST (except as noted *).

Library Services Charges Fee (incl GST)
Book RentalNo Charge 
Children's Compact DiscNo Charge 
Book Rental - Best Seller Collection$6.20 
Magazine Rental - Best Seller Collection$3.10 
Compact Disc Rental - per item 14 days$2.10 
DVD Rental - new title, per item 7 days$4.10 
DVD Rental - older item, including Children's, 7 days$2.10 
DVD Rental - series, 14 days$6.20 
Extended Loan Charges
All materials except BestSeller books, BestSeller magazines, and console games - per item per day$0.57 
BestSeller Collection - Books and magazines. Per item per day$1.60 
Maximum charge per item$12.40 
Interloan Charges
Handling Fee$7.30 
Interloans from libraries that charge an additional fee (handling fee will be additionally charged)$22.80 
Rush Fee (additional to above charges)$25.90 
City Loan
Handling Fee$7.30 
Visitors from Outside the Hawkes Bay Region
Borrowing Fee$5.20 
Membership Cards
Replacement of Membership Cards$5.70 
Research Services
Per hour with first 15 minutes free$51.80 
Borrow a Librarian Per 30 min session Up to $20 
Per A4 sheet (Black & White 1 x side only)$0.31 
Per A3 sheet (Black & White 1 x side only)$0.62 
Per A4 sheet (Colour 1 x side only)$0.93 
Per A3 sheet (Colour 1 x side only)$2.30 
Internet/Email Charges
Per hour$4.70 
Per 30 minutes$2.60 
Printout Charges
Microfilm reader printer (per A4 sheet)$0.62 
A4 black & white printouts (per side)$0.41 
A3 Colour Printouts (per side)$2.60 
A4 Colour Printouts (per side)$1.00 

Charges Related to Damaged or Lost Items Fee (incl GST)
Note: Books with a high replacement value are priced at the discretion of library management
Item Charges
Items are charged at individual purchase price as per catalogue record. If a purchase price is not recorded, a standard replacement cost is charged as per the following average item price tableIndividual Purchase Price  

Books Fee (incl GST)
All Booksup to $50.00 
Compact Disc
Purchase price of item as per catalogue record, if not available a standard replacement cost will be charged at$33.20 
Per Disk$33.20 
Childrens Puzzles
Children's Puzzles$33.20 

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