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The Hell Pizza Reading Challenge is now back at Napier Libraries!

What is the Hell Reading Challenge?

Read for pizza! What could be better? This well-established programme has been hugely successful in getting kids reading, with the bonus of free pizza. It has even hooked many reluctant readers into books. We’re thrilled about that, and in 2021 we want to help even more young readers discover the thrill of a great book.

How does the challenge work?

Alert Level 2 Update: Primary school children (Years 1-8) complete a pizza wheel by reading books and filling in the report-in form below. Our team will keep track of your report-ins. When we're in Alert Level 1, pop into Napier or Taradale Library and get your pizza wheel signed, one signature per online report-in.


Just follow the rules below and then happy reading will lead to happy pizza eating.

  • The participant must redeem their pizza wheels IN PERSON and before the expiry date, January 31st, 2022.
  • There is no limit on the number of wheels a student can fill up, provided they are stamped and signed by a Napier Libraries staff member. However only ONE wheel can be redeemed at any one visit.
  • Each pizza wheel features detailed rules and regulations, as well as a serial number that links it to the issuing library.
  • Hell Pizza will not be accepting pizza wheels while we're in Level 2. Please hold onto them until Alert Level 1. 

If you have any questions, please contact us

Follow this link if the form fails to load. online form.